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Turning on the Magnets

The dictionary defines magnetic as possessing an extraordinary power or ability to attract. Throughout my life I have experimented with what I call “turning on

The Ostrich Adventure

My adventure with ostriches taught me two powerful lessons . . . I learned we create our reality and when we believe, we can create

Spinning Wheel

One of the natural laws of the universe is that life is a constant movement. What goes in must come out, what goes up must

Companions of Destiny

There are always many unique opportunities to meet and engage with companions of destiny. Companions of destiny are people who you meet by coincidence. At

Time to Heal

It’s all about the timing! So when is the right time to heal? If I’m not feeling well, I want to feel better NOW! As

Emerging as the Muse

Lori’s Story – Chapter 3 Who am I? What am I here to do? I continued to ask the questions even after the first answer

Becoming the Webweaver

Lori’s Story – Chapter 2 When I moved from the life I had been living and stepped into the void, I was finally able to

Stepping into the Void

Lori’s Story – Chapter 1 I stepped into the void with faith and one month’s rent. I felt like I was stepping off the edge

Balance the Final Frontier

In this crazy world of multi-tasking and too many commitments, how do we find balance in our life? Many years ago, I was very busy

Call of the Conch

Questions can be dangerous – they require tremendous courage to ask because new questions lead to new ways of perceiving. All new and original thought

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Gift of the Manifestation Code

Bringing unrelated things together at the crossroads is where innovation happens. It’s the magic of people coming into our life at just the right time.  It was the unlikely pairing of

Questions at the Crossroads

Have you ever felt a sense of tension for no apparent reason? When a path closes and one stage of our lives is complete, we come to a crossroads. Approaching

Power of Joy

As we move through the crossroads into a new year, it’s time to learn the art and science of creating and living in JOY! If your intention is to live

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