Balance the Final Frontier

In this crazy world of multi-tasking and too many commitments, how do we find balance in our life? Many years ago, I was very busy developing my new business about passion. I was also still doing all of my regular activities; meeting with several clients a day, working with my technology partner to develop the web site and assessment, and giving several talks.

Then, I was given a lighting bolt of enlightenment from the universe. I found myself at the doctor’s office waiting for the test results of some very angry looking skin irritations on my body. The doctor walked in and said, “It looks like you have been pushing past your limits. You have a very serious case of shingles!” I was confused! Shingles? Isn’t that what people get when their life is out of control? The doctor gave me some medication and sent me home to rest. She suggested I find a way to balance between work and health.

I had to take a good look at my life. I looked at my schedule for the past several months. I began to see I was busy all the time. I had forgotten to schedule time for me. Looking at my out-of-control life style, I could see why my body was rebelling. I had ignored the subtle hints of my family and friends that I wasn’t spending much quality time with them. I was so far out of touch with my body I did not accept the growing tension between my shoulder blades. I was no longer scheduling time for walking, journaling, and meditating.

In looking at my schedule, I asked myself what I could have done differently. First, I made a list of the things I had committed to doing. I made a column for “currently doing”, “need to do” and “like to do”. Second, I made a list of all the people that I knew that had expertise in the areas I was working on for my company.

My third list was the most difficult . . . what I could ask someone to help me with. This instantly brought up lots of personal issues for me! How much control was I willing to let go of? Who would want to take the time to help me? How could I pay for this work?

Our greatest gift is our greatest challenge. My gift of helping and giving to others was way out of balance. I gave and gave but had trouble receiving. Even when people offered to help, I would politely decline. I now know that if there isn’t an equal energy exchange, it’s not sustainable. My body was shouting me at me that what I was doing wasn’t sustainable.

Today, balance is my mantra. Each day as I ask for balance, I am shown the many possible ways the world is waiting to assist me. All you need to do is get clear on what you want and then ask. A new Adventure begins!

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