Emerging as the Muse

Lori’s Story – Chapter 3

Who am I? What am I here to do? I continued to ask the questions even after the first answer came. I believed and owned my first answer that I was the Webweaver, but I knew there was more. The answers always appeared as I was ready to hear them.

My next answer emerged when I rented the movie The Muse, which is a comedy about Hollywood writers losing their artistic edge and finding their passion through the inspiration of a muse. As we watched the movie, my friend said, “Lori, that’s you; that’s what you do. You inspire people! You are a Muse!” Many of the muse’s traits were exaggerated in the movie, but I identified with most of them, right down to the muse’s need to have the right conditions in order to have a restful sleep. I was elated to have another image to help me understand who I am and what I do.

I started exploring and researching the Nine Muses and I learned that in Greek mythology, the Muses were believed to inspire all creativity and to be the wellspring for all inspiration. Muses call us to find our authenticity, to explore our gifts and talents, and to meet our destinies. Clearly, the Muse was another symbol for me. It was again time for inner reflection and being still. After much soul searching and fueled with passion, I chose to accept and integrate the identity of a muse. Soon, I became inspired to actually call myself the Modern-day Muse. I was amazed that by integrating the muse within me, I could help others connect to their own inner muse.

There was still something missing. With excitement and apprehension, I re-entered the void knowing this was an important answer. At that place of inner knowing, I reflected and explored future possibilities. I spent several days in the void before I could accept the next answer. I realized I needed to surrender the old beliefs about myself. In the past, clients would ask me if I was a speaker. I always answered, “No, I only represent speakers.” Frequently I was asked if I was a writer, and again I always answered no. I also said I would never get married again. As I let go of the old beliefs and trusted my inner muse, I was finally able to say, “I will do whatever I am called to do with whoever comes into my path.”

Today I am the Modern-Day Muse. I am a speaker and an author. Following my passion, I use many magical processes connecting people with their passion and inspiring them to discover who they truly are. As I move forward on my path, I continually encounter new crossroads and consciously enter into the void to find deeper levels of who I am and what I am here to do. And, by the way, I got married to my life partner in a magical, fantasy wedding in Hawaii, but that’s another story…

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