Time to Heal

It’s all about the timing! So when is the right time to heal? If I’m not feeling well, I want to feel better NOW!

As I write this article, I have been sick for two weeks with bronchitis, sinus and eye infection. As a healthy person, I’ve asking myself why I am sick now. I have had to cancel clients, music gigs, and an expo with a speaking presentation. What is the lesson I’m learning through all of this? If I figure out what I’m learning, why can’t I just be well now?

As I pondered what the lesson is this time around, I believe I’m learning (again) patience and letting go of control. The last six months have been spent moving my parents to assisted living, health issues with them, getting their house emptied and ready for sale; as well as keeping up with my children, grandchildren, and my business. I was quite sure I was handling it all . . . until I got sick. I realized I was paying attention to everyone else but not so much to me. My head now knows what I’m learning. But until my heart believed I would be ok, I wasn’t getting any better. As I let go of resistance, I’m slowly starting to heal. I’m now at peace knowing my body will know when it’s time to be well.

Miraculous healing overnight. . . When I first left my 25 year marriage and was living alone for the first time in my life, I developed a sever bladder infection in the evening. I was so sick and in pain. I didn’t even have anyone I could call. I remember thinking that I needed to heal myself because there nothing else to do. It was the dark night of the soul for me. I used healing energy that I had learned and finally fell asleep. In the morning, I was healed! I believe the timing was perfect, I was leaning the lesson of faith and trust.

Many years ago, I was passionate about being ready for anything. I felt I needed to be ready to go anywhere in the world that I was called. My one hesitation was that I had really bad eyesight. I wore glasses or contacts since I was four and I was concerned if I lost them, I wouldn’t be able to see. My eye doctor said, “I have bad news and good news. You will eventually need cataract surgery but the good news is that you will see better than you ever have. It will probably be about 3-5 years before your eyes will be ready for surgery.” In less than nine months, my eyes needed cataract surgery. The surgery was a miracle! I now have perfect vision. It was time for my eyes to be healed. I believe the timing is different for each experience and each person. I believe in the wisdom of our body. The Adventure continues . . .

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