Finding your Words

Passion is the fuel source for success. Learn how to find and use this valuable energy to create your dreams. Building your career/life and achieving your dreams is possible when you know the source and the language of your inner driving forces and the powerful process of creating personal success.

When you have words for who you are, you communicate more clearly. Your clear communication generates an energy that is authentic, valued, and respected. This becomes a key factor in branding and marketing who you are. When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

What do you want to turn to “Gold” – wealth, career, relationships, health? Lori will share her proven process for discovering and igniting passion and developing unique plans that turn burning desire into GOLD!

Here’s a short sample of the program!

Lori will share how to:

  • Find out what drives you, your burning desire – who you are
  • Discover and clarify your vision (Dream) – what you want
  • Create a proven action plan – what to do

Contact Lori Palm at 612-388-9220 or

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