Meditation Creates Joy

The practice of meditation is used to connect your mind to the higher frequencies of your spiritual power source and your purposeful self. Studies have shown that thousands of people use a daily meditation practice as their unique way to create more joy in their life. We use this with our Core Passion workshops. To …

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Finding your Words

Passion is the fuel source for success. Learn how to find and use this valuable energy to create your dreams. Building your career/life and achieving your dreams is possible when you know the source and the language of your inner driving forces and the powerful process of creating personal success. When you have words for who you are, …

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Discovery Journey

Are you at the CROSSROADS of your life and/or business and don’t know which way to go? Are you looking for passion, purpose, and direction? If you answered YES, it’s time for a Discovery Journey to find out who you are. For thousands of years, people have been searching for the answers to, “Who am …

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Inspiring Keynotes

Keynotes either soar or tank. I believe the secret to giving a keynote speech begins with inspiration, grabs with engagement, and closes with a call to the heart for action. Whether I’m talking to individuals in career/life transition or businesses wanting to create a culture of engagement and collaboration, the underlying message is the same. …

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