Magical Beans and Mystical Berries

The magical beans bring us back. The mystical berries take us on an adventure. There are myths and legends about magic beans. Berries are often used to symbolize many different things in literature, art, and mythology. There are stories and folklore about both beans and berries.

For me, every morning is magical as the coffee beans bring me back from my dream world. We found when you drink the coffee elixir with ceremony, it takes on a magical quality. My husband, Wes, and I create a ceremony every morning. You might say it is more like a routine or a pattern, but I believe when you do anything consciously instead of mindlessly, it becomes a ceremony. Morning coffee has become incredibly special for us as we talk about our nighttime dreams and what meaning they might have. Much of our writing about passion happens during morning coffee. When guests stay with us, they say it is a special treat for them to join us in our morning coffee ceremony. The magical beans bring us back to live, inspired to create another day

We start each day with the magical ceremony of coffee. We end each day with the mystical berries’ ceremony of wine. Our evening ceremony is not only about the mystical wine berries. The ceremony happens as we consciously begin lighting the candles, picking out the music, and of course, uncorking the wine. Our wine ritual ceremony has become more than just something to drink. It is a celebration of our life with hundreds of years of tradition from the pull of a cork to the clinking glasses of a toast.

For us, the mystical berries of the wine will always take us on an adventure. There is the adventure of the wine which is the exploring and tasting new wines. There is also the adventure of conversation exploring new ideas and creating new opportunities. Wes and I start by discussing our day. Sometimes we are teaching together but more often we have spent the day working separately with our individual clients. Then the next part of the conversation becomes a creative adventure and before we know it, we have ideas for a new program.

We can create ceremony with every task we do when we are conscious and present. Consciously creating ceremony to begin and end our day brings us a feeling of gratitude for our amazing life experiences. No matter what is happening, I consciously give thanks for everything. Even with the chaos of 2020, my intentional vision is to explore, experience, and express joy as I channel creative expression with joyful delight.  I am always developing and expanding what I know through the power of passion.

Each day the ceremony of coffee and wine remind me of the magical and mystical energy that is all around us if we are ready to feel it.  

Each day a new Adventure begins!

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