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The Hundredth Monkey

The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly “critical mass” point is reached. Even though there is really no evidence for the hundredth monkey phenomenon, I believe that there is a point at which there is a new awareness and a field is strengthened so that …

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Kicking Through Fear

Fear can stop us in our tracks or propel us into our future. Fear can trap us with negative energies from the past. It can also be the impetus to drive us into our destiny. Fear is imagining something that hasn’t happened yet. This overactive imagination results in uneasiness, anxiety, and worry that comes from …

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Power of Joy

2019 is the universal year for us to learn the art and science of creating and living in JOY! Throughout 2019 you will be offered many powerful opportunities to create, celebrate and share the power of joy. Power is an amazing vibrational energy; it gives you confidence, control and strength to handle whatever needs to …

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A Year of Listening

2018 has been a very special year! The ancient science of numerology tells us it is the second year of a new nine-year century cycle of time that is inspiring us to embrace the energy of enlightenment. This current nine-year century cycle is awakening us to become more of a humanitarian by creating win-win experiences …

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Black Panther Magic

A spirit animal offers its power and wisdom to the individual it has chosen to connect and communicate with. For some people, it’s as if they’ve always been drawn to an animal or have a special feeling about the animal’s energy. For others, they wonder how to find their spirit animal. I understood that you …

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Blowing My Trumpet

The conch shell is the most ancient wind instrument known to man. It is the messenger, symbolic in many cultures and still used in ceremony today. The conch shell is recognized as the first trumpet. Both the trumpet and conch shell have been very important throughout my life. It’s only in looking back that I …

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Turning on the Magnets

The dictionary defines magnetic as possessing an extraordinary power or ability to attract. Throughout my life I have experimented with what I call “turning on the magnets”. Many times it was unconscious and I didn’t even know I was doing it. When you learn how to consciously turn on the magnets, you can attract who …

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