Luminous Wisdom SOPHIA

Deadlines bring inspiration. Thank you Luminous Wisdom SOPHIA!

In 2017, I was invited to submit an article to Sibella Publications for the new magazine they were debuting. My first thought was that I’m not a writer. Even though I write a lot about what I teach, I have not written the personal stories of my journey. That invitation was a sign for me that it was time! Time to share the Adventures of the last twenty years.

I submitted my first story, Call of the Conch. It was accepted and I was invited to be a writer every month for one year for the new magazine. Luminous Wisdom SOPHIA. Having a deadline to turn in a story every month forced me to keep writing. I don’t think I would have written without that deadline. I went back in time to reflect on all the people, places and experiences that showed up in my life. It’s been a time of amazing growth and learning for me.

As the first year came to an end, I was invited to write for a second year. I said YES because I knew I still needed the deadline to keep me writing. It’s been a wonderful Adventure!!