A Year of Listening

2018 has been a very special year! The ancient science of numerology tells us it is the second year of a new nine-year century cycle of time that is inspiring us to embrace the energy of enlightenment. This current nine-year century cycle is awakening us to become more of a humanitarian by creating win-win experiences and outcomes in our lives.

2018 gave us many opportunities to become a humanitarian and communicate in new ways by learning to listen and develop our intuitive listening skills. In January of 2018, I wrote that there would also be many possibilities to meet and engage with your companions of destiny, people who you meet by coincidence. What I mean is, at the time you meet you feel a strong intuitive connection with them and sense a familiarity like you’ve met before but can’t place where. This may have happened to you because you were developing your intuitive sensitivity to listen at a deeper level with more of your senses.

Think back, who did you meet this year that became a companion of destiny? Sometimes these companions are only in your life for a short moment and sometimes for many years. They may show up and then go away only to return later. I had an amazing encounter with a companion of destiny when we were on vacation in Sedona, AZ. I set my intention at the beginning of the year to meet collaborative partners to help me take my business to the next level. Sedona is one of our favorite places where mystical experiences can happen, and we spend time there every year.

Of course, mystical things happen when you least expect it. We were at a happy hour event, and near the end of the event a couple sat down at our table. We started visiting with them and had many things in common from a business perspective. 


As the event was wrapping up, the gentleman seemed fascinated with our business and asked if we wanted to continue the discussion at dinner. We spent another two hours in engaging conversation and he paid for dinner. We agreed to meet by the pool the next day for a deeper dive into our business. We met them one more time at the airport just before we flew home.

The discussions were lively and intense. I was sure that this was the person I was supposed to meet. After I got home, I spent some quiet time in meditation. I realized that he was a companion of destiny because he got me to think new thoughts. I also knew he was not the collaborative partner I was looking for. He was ready for me, but I was not ready for him.

It was an incredible experience even though it didn’t turn out like I thought it would. The year isn’t done quite yet. The magic continues . . . a new Adventure is about to begin!